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Terms and Conditions


Pricing includes VAT and is subject to change without notice. We sell both original (designated by OEM in the stock code) and also Quality ISO9001 100% Guaranteed Compatible Products.

Is there a minimum order value

There is no minimum order value.However , the  FREE  2-5 working day delivery service is  offered on orders above R1000 ex VAT .

Do we sell an original product ?

We sell two types of products :

  • Original (OEM) products
  • Products from an ISO9001 STMC Certified High Quality Management System Certified Company .All the products we sell are Corporate Grade 100% fit for Professional Business usage and bear manufacturers warrantees.

How do we indicate to you whether the product is the manufacturers original branded product or a quality guaranteed compatible product?

Original products are indicated by (OEM) in the product code(SKU).Products without (OEM) in the product code(SKU) are quality guaranteed products produced by an ISO9001 or an SABS Quality Management Systems Certified Company 

Do we really offer a FREE delivery service

Our basic service level in Gauteng is non-prioritised 2-5 day free delivery for Johannesburg only. If you would like us to prioritise the delivery schedule in your favour there are optional additional delivery surcharges available entirely at your discretion. 

Are Prices Including or  excluding Delivery Charges

They also are shown excluding delivery fees.Our basic Johannesburg delivery service on a 2-5 day basis is free.  There are some convenient flexible delivery options available which are available and are charged for. All of this is reflected on checkout. 

Refund Policy:

NB "Return of Compatible products where end user desired an original product" is EXCLUDED from the following refund policy:

Only if your goods are returned to us (Address 2 Sail Place Bloubosrand ,Randburg  South Africa)  in the unopened original packaged condition will they(the goods) be considered for a refund . Goods must be  received within 7 working days of despatch from us. We levy a 15% handling charge on goods correctly supplied as ordered. In addition to any other costs incurred by us in relation to the administration of the refund will be deducted before processing a refund. Refunds may only be processed at month-end along with all other month end creditors. 

Faulty Product

The customer is required to notify us by email or fax 0866 77 4993 of the problems experienced. The product will only be eligible for swap-out where less than 5% of the product has been used and the product is returned within 7 days of despatch from us.   An allowance of  5 working days for processing of the swap-out once the product has been received from the customer is required.Should the product indeed be faulty it will be delivered back to the customer at no additional charge.

Return of compatible products where end user desired an original product.

The following s excluded from our regular refunds and return policy above. It is our policy not to allow returns under any circumstances whatsoever where products are sold to third parties and the third party actually desired an original product and not a compatible product. It is up to you as our customer to establish clearly which product your customer the end user requires and to order that product and not another.