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Compatible Canon E16 Black toner cartridgeCompatible HP-CE250A (HP 504A) Black toner cartridge

Compatible HP-85A (HP-CE285A) Black toner cartridge
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Compatible HP-85A (HP-CE285A) Black toner cartridge

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Quality compatible CE285A cartridge.Better Quality product .STMC independant certification of quality.Premium quality ISO9001 guaranteed product .Meets standards and yields of original.Not a refilled product.Yield @5% = 1600 pages. For use in the these printers : HP Laserjet M1210 Series MFP;Laserjet M1210 Laserjet M1212 Laserjet M1217,HP LaserJet Pro M1130 Series MFP;LaserJet Pro M1132,HP LaserJet Pro P1100 Printer;P1102

For use in these printers:
HP LaserJet M1130MFP Series;HP LaserJet M1132MFP;HP LaserJet M1134MFP;HP LaserJet M1136MFP;HP LaserJet M1137MFP;HP LaserJet M1138MFP;HP LaserJet M1139MFP;HP LaserJet M1210MFP Series;HP LaserJet M1212nfMFP;HP LaserJet M1213nfMFP;HP LaserJet M1214NfhMFP;HP LaserJet M1216NfhMFP;HP LaserJet M1217NfwMFP;HP LaserJet M1218NfsMFP;HP LaserJet M1219NfsMFP;HP LaserJet M1219NfsMFP

HP LaserJet P1002;HP LaserJet P1002W;HP LaserJet P1002WL;HP LaserJet P1100 Series;HP LaserJet P1101;HP LaserJet P1102;HP LaserJet P1102w;HP LaserJet P1103;HP LaserJet P1104;HP LaserJet P1104w;HP LaserJet P1106;HP LaserJet P1106w;HP LaserJet P1108;HP LaserJet P1108w;HP LaserJet P1109;HP LaserJet P1109w;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1102;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1102w;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1103;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1104;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1104w;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1106;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1106w;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1107;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1107w;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1108;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1108w;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1109;HP LaserJet Pro fessionalP1109w

HP LaserJet Pro M1130 Series;HP LaserJet Pro M1132MFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1134MFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1136MFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1137MFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1138MFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1139MFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1210 Series;HP LaserJet Pro M1212nfMFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1213NfMFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1214NfhMFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1214NfhMFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1216NfhMFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1217NfwMFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1218NfsMFP;HP LaserJet Pro M1219NfsMFP;HP LaserJet Pro P1100 Series;HP LaserJet Pro P1101;HP LaserJet Pro P1102;HP LaserJet Pro P1102w;HP LaserJet Pro P1103;HP LaserJet Pro P1104;HP LaserJet Pro P1104_w;HP LaserJet Pro P1104w;HP LaserJet Pro P1106;HP LaserJet Pro P1106w;HP LaserJet Pro P1108;HP LaserJet Pro P1108w;HP LaserJet Pro P1109;HP LaserJet Pro P1109w


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Parameters of Product: Printer Cartridges for use in:
Brand   HP
Original or Compatible   Compatible
Printer Series   HP LaserJet P
Printer Model   HP LaserJet P 1002;HP LaserJet P 1002 W;HP LaserJet P 1002 WL;HP LaserJet P 1100 Series;HP LaserJet P 1101;HP LaserJet P 1102;HP LaserJet P 1102 w;HP LaserJet P 1103;HP LaserJet P 1104;HP LaserJet P 1104 w;HP LaserJet P 1106;HP LaserJet P 1106 w;HP LaserJet P 1108;HP LaserJet P 1108 w;HP LaserJet P 1109;HP LaserJet P 1109 w;HP LaserJet Professional P 1102;HP LaserJet Professional P 1102 w;HP LaserJet Professional P 1103;HP LaserJet Professional P 1104;HP LaserJet Professional P 1104 w;HP LaserJet Professional P 1106;HP LaserJet Professional P 1106 w;HP LaserJet Professional P 1107;HP LaserJet Professional P 1107 w;HP LaserJet Professional P 1108;HP LaserJet Professional P 1108 w;HP LaserJet Professional P 1109;HP LaserJet Professional P 1109 w
Colour   Black
Type   Toner
Yield   1600 Pages at 5% Page Coverage